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"Sean advised us from the moment we decided to go ahead and bring a dog into our family, from deciphering the dog rescue's description to providing us with the right questions to ask before we brought Ollie home. We knew that Ollie would be a fairly challenging dog on both the health and behaviour fronts, and Sean has helped us understand why our dog behaved as he did, and what we could do to change the behaviour. We recommend him highly!"

— M. Morrison

"With his great sense of humour and his willingness to work with you and your dog step by little step, Sean makes training a positive and engaging experience. And, most importantly, our dog loves him! Sure, that has a little to do with all the delectable treats but more to do with Sean's obvious love and respect for the canine species. If you want a doggie robot who obeys your every command, find another trainer. If you want a loving, respectful, nurturing relationship which enriches both you and your dog's life, go to Sean."

— M. King

“Sean gave our Olive (a well-meaning but challenging pit/kelpy mix) a great start in learning some of the basics of good (and safe) behavior.  Olive has a lot of energy but Sean really helped her (and us) learn how to harness and channel that energy in positive ways.  He also left us with quite a few exercises and various tips and tricks, which has let us keep working with Olive and progressing on our own.”

— R. Barnett

“I find Sean a great help and am very pleased that I am working with him. I have a 'rescue dog" that needed some help on socializing nicely with other dogs, and working on being less scared when we are out and about (read less barky!). While I previously took a 7 week obedience course that also was very helpful, I found having the one-on-one time with Sean focusing specifically on our challenges has really make a big difference with my dog and myself. Thanks so much Sean for your help!”

— T. Cook

"Thanks for teaching me and bringing more joy to my relationship with Ellie.  I realize now that she loves to work with me as much as I love her!"

— M. Lovett

“My 1.5 year old cairn terrier, Toby, and I love Sean and truly appreciate his talent and patience. Toby is especially grateful for the treats and the fact that his human finally got the training she needed.  Sean's positive approach, creative solutions, and keen observation made solving obedience issues fun. Toby learned quickly – it's amazing how fast things go when you have an experienced trainer to help you along - and I met my goal of being able to bring him to work with me. My colleagues refer to him as 'diplomatic' so that was a nice win.  If you're looking for a trainer you won't find anyone better than Sean. Five stars!”

— G. Radaczynska

“Sean is a great trainer on many levels and a joy to work with. He combines his love for dogs, no matter what behaviour challenges they have, with his extensive knowledge of reward-based training. He can help you understand what your dog is doing and provide you with the tools to help mitigate the behaviour which are both highly effective and easy to understand. Most importantly, his approach is not about 'bad dogs' but about working with your dog with love and treats to make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible!”

— J. Spei