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PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer taking clients. We are wrapping up operations at the end of 2014.


Up with Pup emerged out of a rescue ethic.  Recognizing that there are thousands of dogs relinquished or killed every year due to behavioural issues propelled Sean on his current path.  Rescue work will always be an important component of Up with Pup's work to improve animal/human relations.

With this in mind, Up With Pup offers a Rescue Partnership Program which is outlined below.

Goal:  To partner with select rescues and shelters to provide enrichment, behaviour modification and education for shelter/rescue dogs to help them to integrate into human society with the end goal of finally finding a loving adoptive home

Our Philosophy:  We believe that every dog deserves individual attention to help them negotiate the human-dominated world in which they find themselves and that, just like humans, they deserve the chance to lead happy, fulfilling lives where they are valued for themselves and not simply as adjuncts to humans.

Rationale:  Many shelter/rescue dogs are relinquished to rescues because they have behavioural problems.  Even if they did not have behavioural problems when first admitted to a shelter/rescue they can quickly develop them in a shelter environment due to the lack of stimulation, absence of human contact and the dearth of educational opportunities.  Shelters/rescues are often stretched to financial and physical limits and cannot always spare resources for a full enrichment program tailored to each dog.

When shelter dogs exhibit troubling behaviours such as barking, biting, anxiety, fear of people, and aggression they are often marginalized even further by being isolated and/or stigmatized which leads to a vicious cycle often condemning the dog to repeat these troubling behaviours.  This can lead to the sad decision to euthanize an animal without attempts to get to the root of the behaviours.

Some dogs can present challenges which make it very difficult for them to be adopted into loving homes.  We recognize that many shelters/rescues are running at maximum capacity and can’t always spare the time or resources to rehabilitate the dogs in question.

Therefore, we offer a set of specialized program available to our partner rescue organizations to rehabilitate individual dogs, assess adopters with home visits and in-home consultations for foster families/adoptees.

The Up With Rescue Pups! Rehabilitation Program:

  • Half-price consultations
  • Low-cost remote skype consultations
  • Free behavioural assessments

Our Team:

Sean Howard is the first and only Pat Miller Certified Trainer in Canada. He operates a 100% positive, dog-friendly training business at Up With Pup and has volunteered at a variety of shelters and rescues.

Marisa King has been involved in animal rescue for over 15 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on animal/human relations.  She is currently a volunteer with RedRover Responders (emergency response for animals) and helps numerous rescues around the city in varying capacities.