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UP with PUP!


You can now book Sean for behavioural consultation through Wildflower Dog Training. We highly recommend Wildflower for all your dog training needs.

Our services are designed for those who are looking for a kinder, more effective way to train their companion animals and overcome behavioural issues.

Behavioural Consultations and Modification

Does your dog seem stressed when you leave her alone? Is she destroying your property? Barking incessantly? Does she lunge or snarl at other dogs or people?

You are not alone. Every year thousands of people get help for a variety of behavioural issues. Whether you are dealing with incontinence or a dog that has become unpredictable and aggressive, there are almost always things you can do to improve the situation. Don't delay. The sooner you put a program in place, the easier it is to modify the behaviour.

Our behaviour modification programs begin with an in-home consultation.

Dog and Puppy Training

We no longer provide in-home training services. We offer a list of our most highly recommend local schools for good manners training. 

Pet Photography

Sean has been practicing photography for over 10 years and allows you to capture your dog and family members together in the comfort of your home. This is a wonderful way to ensure that your canine companion has a special place in your family album, on your wall and even in commemorative photo books or greeting cards.