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Introducing Mae

We are so excited to welcome Mae into our home. There aren't a lot of good photos as we just brought her home yesterday, but I will share what I have.

Mae is approximately 2 years old and at best guess is a malinois, dutch sheperd mix. We visited her at Jackie's training facility down in Burlington on the weekend and are so happy to invite her into our forever home.

A homeless kid hitchhiked from Montreal to Toronto with her. She was pregnant at the time but he refused to give her up. She was tied up alone outside a building when she went into labor and gave birth to nine puppies right there on the pavement. This is when she was rescued. It's been about a year since that event and now she is buried under toys, blankets and bones on my sofa, happily thumping her tail.

And now in a last-ditch attempt to provide some valuable content for my readers, here are some tips on how to set up your newly rescued girl or boy for success.

  • Ensure you have lots of chew toys and mental stimulation toys on hand before their arrival
  • Be sure to create safe zones in your house where they can retreat if it's all a bit too much. Use doors, baby gates and the like.
  • Be sure to create these same zones for any other pets you might already have. We reserved the entire floor our bedroom is on for our cat and have baby gated it out of Mae's reach.
  • Have lots of comfy and warm places for your new friend to lay down and relax
  • Try to keep things as low-key as possible. It's best to give them time to adapt to the new situation before forcing them to meet tons of people or other animals
  • Watch for signs of stress and help give them relief (distance) from anything that stresses them. Common sigsn of stress are: yawns, pacing, tongue flicks up to their nose, ears back, tail tucked, panting, repetitive licking of their fur.

I'm sure there will be many future posts inspired by Mae as she is a lovely girl but definitely a handful.  :)